AV Technology of Lead Stearate
Oct 09, 2018

AV process is a combination of direct reaction process and melting process. Metal oxides or metal hydroxide and fatty acids in accordance with a patented method of heating the reactor to add a small amount of water, the heating temperature is basically the same as the saponification melting Point. After the reactor pressure drops, the water added to the reaction and the resulting water will be removed due to reduced pressure. The AV process can produce granular or powder-like products with high Purity. Acid Remover for dilute hydrocarbon materials generally, acid-catching agents are soluble or easily dispersed alkali compounds that can react with acid catalyst Residues.

Organic materials such as stearic acid metal salts can meet these requirements, usually they are added to the polyolefin and the acid catalyst residues brought by the Ziegler-natta Catalyst.

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