Preventive measures of lead oxide
Oct 09, 2018

(1) lead smelting and battery industry and demolition shipyard for the prevention of industrial lead poisoning in the key Industries. 

(2) reduce and control the environment of the workshop air lead concentration: the use of non-toxic or Low-drug replacement lead, such as on the hull and bridge plate surface paint rust, The use of lead-free iron oxide red primer, etc. instead of Red Dan paint; in the glaze of porcelain surface, lead silicate or lead, which is insoluble in water and weak acid , reform of the process and production process to achieve automation, airtight. To strengthen ventilation, the new plant design should be wide, natural ventilation, melting lead furnace, lead welding and some other areas of large soot production should be installed exhaust Equipment. Regular environmental monitoring, found that the standard should be notified in time, find the cause, take effective improvement and protective measures, regular biological monitoring and medical examination, in a conditional place, lead workers at least 1 times a year, the high environmental concentration can be added to the number of physical examination; strengthen personal hygiene and personal protection, change work clothes on and off, Strictly abide by the operating rules and regulations, not smoking and eating in the Workshop. Wash your hands before meals and shower after Work. Dust masks should be worn when the workshop concentration is High.

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