Synthesis method of Lead Stearate
Oct 09, 2018

1. Using the complex decomposition Method. first, the stearic acid with 20 times times the weight of hot water dissolved, in 90 ℃ to add a concentration of 10 waves of the United States caustic soda, to generate dilute soap Solution. then, a lead nitrate solution was added to the complex decomposition at the same temperature. The resulting stearic acid precipitation water washing, centrifugal dehydration, and then about 100 ℃ dry, that is, the finished Product.Raw material consumption Quota: stearic acid (acid value 198-205, iodine values <4) 740kg/t, caustic soda (30%) 370kg/t, lead acetate (98%) 540kg/t. 

2. The calculated amount of stearic acid ethanol solution mixed with lead acetate aqueous solution mixing, precipitation of lead stearate soap, water pouring method to wash the presence of free lead Ions.Extraction of precipitation, after drying with toluene or 95% of ethanol recrystallization, the resulting product in the oven in 80 ℃ drying to a constant weight

3. Adding stearic acid to the reaction kettle after melting, adding sodium hydroxide solution, stirring reaction, the formation of sodium stearate saponification solution, and then adding dilute lead acetate solutions, continue stirring reaction, discharge, dehydration, drying, crushing, sieving, can get lead stearate Powder.

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