Synthesis method of lead sulfate
Oct 09, 2018

1. Lead oxide Sulfate method will be used to adjust the lead oxide water into a slurry, and then add water and a small amount of acetic acid, stirring under the reaction of sulfuric acid, after washing, drying, crushing, the preparation of lead sulfate finished Products.

2.30kg distilled water and 50kg analysis of pure lead acetate mixture, through steam heating dissolved, filter out insoluble material, side stirring slowly added to the pre-prepared density of about 1.4 sulfuric acid aqueous solution (about 27kg), to React: When the resulting lead sulfate crystals sink heavily, stop stirring, static, precipitate completely, suck out the upper mother Liquor. Crystallization with hot distilled water repeatedly washed, until acetic acid-free, centrifugal drying, in the 100~120℃ oven tile drying.

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