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  • Litharge Powder

    Litharge Powder Appearance: solid yellow powder Application: in industries as plastic, glaze etc. PbO: 99.3% Min. Free Lead: 0.1% Max. Fe2O3: 0.005% Max. Through 180 mesh screen: 99.8% Min. Package: 25kg, 50kg, 1000kg /bag
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  • Granular Litharge

    Granular Litharge Appearance: solid orange Granular Application: in industries as optical glass and rubber etc. PbO: 99.5% Min. Free Pb: 0.03% Max. Fe2O3: 0.003% Max.
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  • Litharge Granular

    Litharge Granular Appearance: Yellow Granular Application: Lead glass and glaze etc. PbO: ≥99.5% Free Lead: ≤ 0.03% CuO: ≤ 0.001% Package: 50kg, 1000kg woven bags.
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  • Powder Litharge

    Powder Litharge Appearance: canary yellow powder Application: lead salt PbO: 99.3% Min. Free Pb: 0.1% Max. PbO2: 0.05% Max. Residue through 180 mesh screen: 0.2% Max. CuO: 0.002% Max. Package: 50kg /bag
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