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Lead (i) Oxide Property
Oct 09, 2018

Stable at room temperature and pressure, avoid contact of oxide strong acid. Soluble in water (0 ℃: 11.9g/100ml;30℃: 27g/100ml), 0.08% aqueous solution has a ph value of 7.8. Dissolved in glycerol, solid in 58 ℃, aqueous solution in 70 ℃ is Decomposed. Solubility in water is 14% (10 ℃), 17.4% (20 ℃), 21.3% (30 ℃). The aqueous solution is alkaline, the chemical properties of ammonium bicarbonate are unstable, and the heat is easily decomposed. When heated to about 60 ℃, it decomposes into white smoke consisting of NH3 21.5%,co2 55.7%,h2o 22.8%. When there is moisture at atmospheric pressure, more than 36 ℃ begin to decompose slowly, producing ammonia, carbon dioxide and Water. 350 ℃ is decomposed into carbon dioxide and AMMONIA. The drying state has no ammonia odor.Easily weathered in the Air.

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