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Lead Oxide Shawlchanges Processing
Oct 09, 2018

Lead oxide is also known as Tantric monk, Jinsheng powder, yellow dan Powder. According to the National Ministry of Chemical Industry standards, a lead oxide three grades: first-class products containing lead oxide is not less than 99%, two grade product is not less than 97%, three grade product is not less than 95%. They are available for shawlchanges Processing. In addition, there is a kind of red and yellow lead oxide, low purity, more impurities, not suitable for use. Lead oxide is a heavy metal salts, can make protein solidification, but also because of its strong corrosive, can promote the infiltration of ingredients into the egg, shorten the maturation time, and reduce the protein base, there is color, away from the shell and other functions.

But if you use too much, it will thin the eggshell and produce corrosive spots, and even cause protein decay.

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