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Tribasic Lead Sulphate

  • Tribasic Lead Sulphate

    12202-17-4 Tribasic Lead Sulphate Molecular formula: 3PbO.PbSO4.H2O Appearance: White powder Application: PVC stabilizer PbO: 87.2 – 89.2% Moisture: 0.3Max. Residue through 43µm screen: 0.15Max.
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  • Lead Sulphate Tribasic

    Lead Sulphate Tribasic Mainly used as heat stability for opacity or translucence PVC products. Excellent heat-resistance and electrical insulating property, specially suitable for high temperature process. Mainly used for injection moulding of opacity or translucence hard PVC...
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  • Tribasic Lead Sulfate

    Tribasic Lead Sulfate White powder with sweet taste. Density - 7.01g/cm3; Melting point - 820℃. Easy to moisture absorption, slight soluble in water, insoluble in alcohol, soluble in nitric acid, hot concentrated hydrochloric acid, ammonium acetate and sodium acetate...
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  • Lead Sulfate Tribasic

    Lead Sulfate Tribasic Package: in 25kg/50kg/1000kg plastic woven bags or at customers' request. Storage and transportation: stored at cool and ventilate warehouse, keep away from fire and moistureproof.
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